Slide Kits

Coronary heart disease and stroke: risk factors and global risk

  • PROCAM (Prospective Cardiovascular Münster Heart Study)
    • Design and principal results (pdf-file, 368 kB) (Slides, zip-file, 1002 kB)
    • Body mass index and cardiovascular risk factors (pdf-file, 155 kB) (Slides, zip-file, 1364 kB)
    • Lipoprotein(a) and risk of cardiovascular disease (pdf-file, 91 kB) (Slides, zip-file, 514 kB)
    • Determinants of mortality (pdf-file, 120 kB) (Slides, zip-file, 711 kB)
    • Diabetes mellitus (pdf-file, 138 kB) (Slides, zip-file, 888 kB)
    • HDL cholesterol and myocardial infarction (pdf-file, 293 kB) (Slides, zip-file, 473 kB)
    • The PROCAM risk score
      english: (pdf-file, 71 kB) (Slides, zip-file, 356 kB)
      german: (pdf-file, 83 kB) (Slides, zip-file, 470 kB)
  • Stroke
    • Primary prevention of stroke (pdf-file, 133 kB) (Slides, zip-file, 863 kB)
    • Ethiology and epidemiology of stroke (pdf-file, 174 kB) (Slides, zip-file, 1287 kB)
  • Cardiovascular risk factors in women (pdf-file, 122 kB) (Slides, zip-file, 784 kB)
  • Genetic risk for coronary heart disease (pdf-file, 73 kB) (Slides, zip-file, 45 kB)
  • Homocysteine, heart disease and stroke (pdf-file, 114 kB) (Slides, zip-file, 777 kB)

Clinical management of risk factors of coronary heart disease and stroke

  • Major recent drug trials
    • The Heart Protection Study (pdf-file, 151 kB) (Slides, zip-file, 164 kB)
    • The Lescol Intervention Prevention Study (pdf-file, 103 kB) (Slides, zip-file, 633 kB)
    • Losartan Intervention For Endpoint reduction in hypertension study (pdf-file, 117 kB) (Slides, zip-file, 703 kB)
    • The Heart Outcomes Prevention Evaluation study (pdf-file, 120 kB) (Slides, zip-file, 677 kB)
  • Intestinal cholesterol absorption as a drug target for primary and secondary prevention of coronary heart disease
    (pdf-file, 207 kB) (Slides, zip-file, 1622 kB)
  • Cost-effectiveness
    • Introduction into health economics (pdf-file, 85 kB) (Slides, zip-file, 521 kB)
    • Economic analyses of primary prevention of coronary heart disease and stroke at an individual level
      (pdf-file, 187 kB) (Slides, zip-file, 1005 kB)
    • Economic analyses of primary prevention of coronary heart disease and stroke at an population level
      (pdf-file, 145 kB) (Slides, zip-file, 675 kB)